Location weddings Catania: The Cuisine of  Villa Giuffrida

unique flavors, refined dishes, the menu sophistication, are some of the strengths of  Villa Giuffrida.

The professional staff of Villa Giuffrida is on hand to fine-tune every detail of the menu.

On request, customized menus can be served for every need: vegan, vegetarian, intolerant, …

The chef offers a varied menu with a focus on typical Sicilian dishes.

For the mise en place of the Buffet are used ceramics of Caltagirone, “maidde”, “vastedde” of bread, …


The care in following the dictates of traditional recipes is equated only by the skill in the presentation of the dishes, in fact Villa Giuffrida pays special attention to the presentation of the courses and the choice of raw materials.

Equally refined is the presentation of the fruit with which they can reproduce parrots, Sicilian carts, …

The star of any banquet is definitely the cake.

Villa Giuffrida pays special attention to customization and presentation of the same sweets.